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Struggling to generate organic traffic and leads?

Hi, I am Shreya Dalela and I help B2B SaaS and B2B ECommerce companies grow their traffic through long-form content and SEO content strategy. Among recent results –

Grew Kama Ayurveda blog from 0 visitors to 300K monthly sessions, and converted it into a profitable revenue channel, without any marketing spend. Currently driving 60K USD worth of organic traffic.

Wrote strategic and targeted B2B SaaS long-form content for that resulted in 400% increase in SQLs in 6 months.

I’ll be your one-woman army

The stories you tell matter.
Let me take over your company blog to produce high-quality
content that adds value to your customers.

What people are saying…

Misbah Ashraf

Founder, Marsplay

“Shreya is one of the most talented creatives I’ve ever worked with. She is the rare combination of big picture thinker and skilled executioner. She led content and community building initiatives for Marsplay from Day 1 and helped us get our first 10K users on the App.”

Nitesh Agrawal

Founder, Indiez & Let’s Dive

“Shreya was exactly the content expert we needed to jumpstart our content marketing team. She handled everything from setting up our blog on Medium to helping us go viral with our content.
At Indiez, we got a positive ROI as we directly got clients from these blogs.”

Lasith Lansakara

Founder, Teakruthi

“Our best blogs on Teakruthi are written by Shreya. As a newly launched E-Commerce store, we struggled to generate organic traffic. It took us some time but publishing the best pieces consistently has helped us get traffic that directly converts into buyers.”


Sucess Stories

B2C Ecommerce


Scaling the blog of a premium tea brand from 0 to 60000 visitors. First 1000 customers through the blog.

B2C Ecommerce

Kama Ayurveda

1000% increase in Organic Traffic. Conversion of the blog into successful leads and sales engine.

Looking for someone to lead your content marketing efforts?