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What’s your number one content requirement? 

Publishing relevant blogs consistently on your blog? Setting up a weekly newsletter to keep your existing customers engaged? Creating a landing page and building an email list from scratch? Getting a few content pieces published or creating resources that can act as lead magnets?

Chances are that you either know exactly what you need to do to kick-off/expand your content marketing efforts or you’re clueless about how you can leverage content marketing to grow your business.

Either way, I can help you out. Reach me at

What You’ll Get

  • A customized content marketing strategy for your business
    Why you need this: Content marketing isn’t just about writing and publishing articles. I’ll provide simple and ready to execute a strategy that specifically works for B2C business.

  • Well-researched content that establishes thought leadership
    Why you need this: There’s enough number of blogs published every day. It only makes sense to write and publish a piece if it’s the best on the internet. If creating it requires me to take quotes from subject matter experts, I’ll get it done.

  • A lean result focussed approach
    Why you need this: Instead of attacking every possible marketing channel, I’ll identify what channel of distribution will work the best for your audience and work on it in a highly targeted manner.

  • Analytics report and transparency
    Why you need this: Content marketing should be ROI positive over the long term. I provide you with updates on traffic, revenue, users and conversions so that you know whether it’s worth it for your business.

  • Value addition and community building before the promotion
    Why you need this: A lot of benefits of content marketing are intangible. For instance, just having an aesthetically appealing blog and Instagram feed helps you distinguish your business from many others. I focus on these intangibles as well as the tangibles such as traffic and sales.